Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Blogging" In Steep Decline

The "blogging" news is grim. It seems that "blogging" averages have dropped over the past year. Our first year's average of 2.8 "posts" per day has dropped to 2.5 over two years. That's right: we let our "blog"iversary of September 27 pass without notice - without, literally, a word -, another sign of "blogging" lethargy, or "blog"thargy as it is called in "blogging" circles, or "blircles." Warnings of "blogging's" decline have been with us since the beginning, and it seems that the predictions were accurate. If "blogging" trends continue, we will be down to less than two "posts" a day by the end of 2011. Not pretty to contemplate. The time to act is now, people! I thought I would add a picture of a monkey here to cheer us up. That always works. But my heart wasn't in it. No monkey seemed suitable. When I went back to pick out some highlights of the year in "blogging" I discovered that there weren't any.