Sunday, September 28, 2008

McNeil, Briefly

Welcome once again to "McNeil, Briefly," your regularly scheduled McNeil update. McNeil says he has switched to "organic pop tarts." There are many things wrong with that designation. For one, "Pop Tarts" is a brand name. He still slathers his toaster pastries with margarine and says they taste great when washed down with something containing aspartame. In other McNeil news, McNeil held his nose and watched a youtube clip that did not involve Dean Martin or any of his cronies. Of the the trombone quartet recently featured here, he said, "I don't get it." Well, McNeil, there's nothing to get. It's a trombone quartet. The trombonist assigned to the trills does an admirable job. Oh! Speaking of Dean Martin, I forgot to tell McNeil about a reference he would appreciate. People kept appearing from behind a divider as they entered Neko Case's band bus the other day. "It's like Dean Martin's closet!" said Kelly Hogan.