Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super Important Correction: It's the Whisper 2000, Not the Miracle Ear!

The NBIL (or whatever we're going to call him) has been handing out WRONG INFORMATION! "I was wrong about the name of the hearing amplification product I told you about," he writes. "It was the Whisper 2000, not the Miracle Ear. Sadly, I could not find the infomercial with the 'awesome' quote, but after watching the Listen Up commercial I can tell you that there are a lot of similarities between the two ads. I did find this link: Apparently you can still buy the Whisper 2000 in the UK! Miracle Ear, it seems, makes hearing aids that are a little easier to conceal than either the Whisper 2000 or the Listen Up. But they don't shy away from shilling their products in infomercials either." The NBILOWWGTCH sent by way of illustration a commercial for the actual Miracle Ear, which he called "a little disturbing." We agree. In fact, we're not going to show it to you because you might become disturbed! It's a man being hit by a golf ball over and over and over because he can't hear.