Sunday, September 07, 2008


I guess we were near Ohatchee, Alabama, when we heard the AM radio ad for Ohatchee Hardware, "the friendliest hardware store in Ohatchee." An admirably modest and immensely appealing slogan! Perhaps the best I have ever heard. Speaking of commercials, don't forget to visit Uncle Mort's and the Original Frosty Mug! Highway 78 has changed, people! It's straighter now or something. Or there's a built-in shortcut. I'm not a geographer! In any case, if you are in a hurry to get where you are going, it has become far too easy to bypass Uncle Mort's and the Original Frosty Mug. Let's work together to keep them in business! I guess Theresa and I are going to keep using the quicker way - it's quicker! But somebody needs to take up the slack for us. Believe me, we have given Uncle Mort's and the Original Frosty Mug PLENTY of business! Now it's your turn to step up. Speaking of speaking of commercials, I have recently become a fan of "Listen Up," your personal sound amplifier. To be more precise, I am a fan of the IDEA of "Listen Up," the PERSONALITY of "Listen Up," as dramatized in its television commercials. In this, "Listen Up" is akin to Tater Mitts and the Magic Bullet, both of which I appreciate for the way in which they are marketed while remaining unaware of and uninterested in their actual efficacy. In the "Listen Up" commercial, a woman is checking her mail and can hear the people across the street talking about her husband like so: "Have you met the new neighbors? ... I've met him. He seems nice." Of course, I would love the commercial even more if the speaker went on, "I'm going to sneak up behind him and get him!" Certainly I am not the first to consider the fact that "Listen Up," your personal sound amplifier, would be the perfect tool for rooting out those who are plotting against you and your loved ones! (Further reading: "Johnny Click" and "The Man Who Wants to Fill the Sky With Logos.")