Sunday, September 14, 2008

I've Seen Pricklier

I thought I'd use the "Google" to check and see if anyone else has referred to the juicy bits from John Ashbery poems as "ashberries." You know I have bad luck with such things... see my lacklustre pun about Cormac McCarthy as just one of many, many examples. Internet, you contain so much! How can we ever be "original" in the face of your bounty? (I will content myself with inventing "C-Spandemonium" and being the first person ever to put a picture of the Foster Brooks robot on the "web.") Here are some things I found out regarding ashberries: There is a poem called "Ashberries" that has "nothing to do with John Ashbery." And there is something called the prickly ash berry (pictured) but it doesn't look so prickly to me. It doesn't look near as prickly as the "lemon cucumber" grown by Kelly and Jamie Kornegay. Wait. It occurs to me that the tree from which the berry comes is probably prickly, so that it's a PRICKLY ASH berry, NOT a PRICKLY ash berry if you know what I mean. This is what I do all day. Finally, I should check to see if anyone has put Frankenberry and John Ashbery together in a "post," as I just did. Hold on while I check.