Sunday, September 14, 2008

From the Desk of the Dullest Man on Earth

One of the reasons I'm enjoying MAD MEN so much these days is... Wait. Let me stop for a moment and explain that I know you won't care, whoever you are, about what I say next. And you're right! It doesn't matter. Anyway, Patrick Fischler has been giving a sharp, knowing performance as a Jerry Lewis-like character. Wow! I really am the dullest man on earth. I've started writing this "post" a couple of times over the past few weeks and my body won't let me! My body knows that you don't care nor should you, anonymous person out there. Don't get me wrong, you should watch MAD MEN and enjoy Mr. Fischler's performance but why should it interest you that I have in mind a list of attributes shared by Mr. Fischler's character and Jerry Lewis? Evening wear. That's one of them. In tonight's episode, the character was referred to as a "big mouth" and I was just itching to remind you, whoever you are, that Jerry once made a movie called THE BIG MOUTH, though I knew the connection was shaky at best and would undermine... Ugh. See how this "post" would be if I finished it? I'm doing you a favor! Now scram, you! None of this diminishes my boundless affection for MAD MEN, Jerry Lewis, or Patrick Fischler (pictured). Hey, remember the other time I had trouble finishing a "post" about Jerry Lewis? Gosh, I have a lot to share. My heart is so big and full. That's why I "blog"!