Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frankenberry and E.M. Forster

As promised, I just checked with "Google" to see if I am the first to put John Ashbery and Frankenberry together in a "post." There were ten "matches," and this "blog" represented two of them (now the score is eleven and three, I guess). Here's the thing: the most notable "post" to contain Frankenberry and Ashbery was by the poet Bruce Covey... from a series of poems he wrote USING "GOOGLE" as an aleatoric tool. So (wait, I'm going to blow your mind) I was using "Google" to write a "post" about Frankenberry and John Ashbery by finding this "post" about this guy using "Google" to write poems containing Frankenberry and John Ashbery! But that's not all! Theresa and I KNOW the poet Bruce Covey. He's the husband of the chair of Theresa's dissertation committee! I will give you a moment to revive yourself from a swoon of disbelief. It's like E.M. Forster said that time. You know, that thing he said about this "blog."