Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Gentler Personal Sound Amplifier From Days of Yore?

Our recent "post" about the commercial for "Listen Up," your personal sound amplifier, has provoked a conversation with the NBIL (New Brother-In-Law - I'm going to need to find a more accurate acronym for him soon, as the months tick by!), who recalls a commercial for a similar product from years ago. He says it was christened the "Miracle Ear," (sic) and recalls that the commercial featured a guy sitting in the woods with said "Miracle Ear." (sic) The guy, according to the NBIL, sits listening to things in the woods with his "Miracle Ear" (sic) and says, "Awesome... totally awesome." You really have to hear the way the NBIL does it to get the full effect. There's a guy sitting in the woods in the "Listen Up" commercial, too. But he doesn't say anything. He just looks extremely serious as the announcer says (I may be paraphrasing), "Hear the wildlife before it hears you!" I haven't seen the "Miracle Ear" (sic) commercial, but it "sounds" as if the "Miracle Ear" (sic) guy is enjoying nature in a mellow way while the "Listen Up" guy is eager to kill something. Oh well! It takes all kinds.