Sunday, September 14, 2008


Know who else worries about the creative implications of "Google"? Roy Blount Jr., that's who. In his delightful forthcoming book ALPHABET JUICE (from which I have quoted here before), Mr. Blount reveals that he checked "Google" to see if anyone had written "I've Googled so much I'm googly-eyed" (among other phrases) before him. (Someone had.) It's just like the time I checked to see if I had made up the phrase "wound up from the ground up." (I had not.) Speaking of Roy Blount Jr., it turns out that I am reading with him, apparently, on the Thacker Mountain Radio show on Nov. 20. John Hodgman, I have been told, will be reading as well. These are a couple of brilliantly funny men and just by standing next to them I am sure to be degraded and exposed as a shallow, desperate oaf with nothing to say. Yet somehow or another I am really looking forward to it. (Pictured, John Hodgman and Barney Google.)