Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McNeil's "Way... Way Out"

Welcome once again to McNeil's popular UFO column "Way... Way Out." Today McNeil favors us with a "post" from the "web" site of "Sky & Telescope Magazine." I think it's about a mysterious object floating around in the sky. I'm not a very careful reader. But I did enjoy the comments section, especially the comment by Dr. Gottfried Beyvers, who wrote, "I don't know what that object might be, but I do know that you gave the wrong distance of the cluster CL 1432.5+3332.8 ! Its redshift is 1.112; the cosmology calculators then tell us that its proper distance is now 11.7 billion lightyears and that the distance at emission was 5.54 billion lightyears. The number you report (8.2 billion) is the light travel TIME! S&T has had a good record of giving correct cosmological distances, please do continue that." (Illustration from "How to Build a Flying Saucer" by T.B. Pawlicki, which is something I found on the "internet.")