Monday, November 24, 2008


But no, I can't go to bed without giving proper credit to the person who produced the previous Polaroid (and this current one, too). She's one of my oldest friends. She goes by many names, but on the "blog" we're going to call her "El" (not to be confused with our corporate spy "L." - or is she? I'll never tell!). "Click" here to read the interesting story about the expired film she used to make both photographs. The film is called Time-Zero, which is a name so good I'm going to stick it into my upcoming detective novel. I just got the final editorial comments today, so this is good coincidental timing, finding out about Time-Zero on the same day. I'm going to rewrite a speech about Polaroids already in the book. It's given by a sinister character who I think will make good use of the phrase "Time-Zero." I can say no more! No milk for free! One of El's Polaroids is in a European gallery exhibition! "Click" here to read about that.