Tuesday, November 11, 2008


McNeil takes umbrage at a recent "posting" of "McNeil, Briefly." First, he points out, everybody KNOWS you can watch movies on your computer! He just meant that he didn't know they were available at the imdb "web" site. He's not some idiot! Secondly, he's not saying that Tom Jones is a "winner," necessarily. He's just saying that Tom Jones is not a "loser." Also, it was his wife's idea. You know, McNeil's (or McNeil's wife's) mention of Tom Jones made me think of Tom Sawyer, who has a lot of "winner" qualities. That's probably why Huck Finn is a more appealing character. And what about Odysseus? He does get lost for a long time. And "lost" and "loser" are related words. Finally, my writing conveyed to McNeil the mistaken impression that there is something funny on the COVER of the book RAY by Barry Hannah. No, my intention was to show that when Theresa asked me why I was smiling, I held up the book in answer. The funny thing was on the inside of the book.