Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dissertation Funnies

Hey, look what I found. Yesterday was payday and you know what that means: a trip to Square Books. I picked up Vol. 2 of Ivan Brunetti's cartoon anthology from Yale University Press. That's where I ran across the work of R. Sikoryak, who was represented by a series of panels in which Superman is the protagonist of THE STRANGER by Camus. So much did I enjoy these pictures that I decided to look for more of Sikoryak's work on the "internet," which as you know contains everything. I was surprised and happy to find that Sikoryak has done illustrations of two of the subjects of Theresa's sprawling dissertation: Patricia Hearst and Hester Prynne. As you can see, Hearst is presented in the style of the Archie comics. And here's THE SCARLET LETTER in LITTLE LULU style. Find your own favorites at the "web" site of R. Sikoryak.