Thursday, November 06, 2008

McNeil, Briefly

Welcome once again to "McNeil, Briefly," our regular roundup of all things McNeil. As you know, McNeil sometimes leaves long phone messages full of interesting tidbits, a phenomenon we have grown to think of as "the living 'blog.'" We would assume that McNeil had been influenced by Larry King's old newspaper column, if not for the fact that he never knew of its existence. In tonight's message, McNeil continues to sing the praises of the inter-library loan process. Through it, he has received a book called NIGHTFALL, which he says is a fascinating film-by-film account of the career of director Jacques Tourneur. Additionally, McNeil wishes that Barack Obama would appoint Jerry Lewis to some sort of cabinet post as a minister of culture. Oh yes, he showed some of the movie POINT BLANK to his students and they seemed to like it and Lee Marvin is a real bad a** in McNeil's estimation.