Friday, November 21, 2008

Man In White Socks

In today's "Film Series and Movie Listings" section of the New York Times, Dave Kehr calls Jerry Lewis "The Man in the White Socks himself — and a plausible candidate for America’s greatest living filmmaker." Which reminds me. Somebody better go to that event for me tomorrow night! As we have seen, Mark Childress is out of town. Early word from Mr. Ward looked promising, but that was before he realized that the event is on a Saturday, which is family time. Hey, Mr. Ward! Remember what happened last time you were horsing around with those kids of yours? YOU FELL INTO A LARGE CLAY POT AND BROKE YOUR RIBS! And while there is a Jerry-ish touch to that story, Jerry would never break your ribs. Still, I grudgingly respect your decision. Last time I heard from Megan Abbott, it sounded like she was on the fence. She's my best hope. Come on, Megan! Come on, everybody. Jerry's right there in your backyard! I should jump in the car and go. But I am an old man with a nose full of dazzling white hairs and I don't jump in the car and go anymore. One of my students has been talking about jumping in a car and driving off to Brooklyn in search of James Purdy, and I have encouraged her in this pursuit. I'm like that creepy old man at the beginning of THE BIG SLEEP who likes to watch Bogart drink hooch because he can't have it anymore. PS: My poor old mind told me that you could see Jerry's white socks in the clip above, but as usual, my poor old mind was mistaken. And I'm pretty sure you can't see them here, either.