Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All-Star Entertainment Wrap-Up

Welcome once again to All-Star Entertainment Wrap-Up. Edgar-winning novelist Megan Abbott and I were just talking about how nobody has heard of anything anymore - not even normal things of which everyone should have heard already. My undergraduates, for example, have not heard of Donald Sutherland. Well, one has. She explained to the others, "He's the old lawyer in A TIME TO KILL." (!) This prompted Megan's memory of seeing Donald Sutherland at the Whitney Museum about two years ago. "He was wearing a black cape!" she reported (exclamation point hers, and quite appropriate). "It probably wasn't actually a cape," Megan went on - wishing to be accurate, no doubt, but disappointing me a little nonetheless. At the very least, she said, it was "a very dramatic black coat that streaked behind him as he stalked the galleries." And "his hair flowed whitely too," she added. This has been your All-Star Entertainment Wrap-Up. See you again soon. In the meantime, keep "reaching" for the "stars"!