Sunday, February 01, 2009

Literary Matters

Welcome once again to "Literary Matters," our reviled regular feature designed to bore you to tears with literary matters. Today we have three literary matters, which is three too many. 1) As I mentioned in that interview I did recently, I feel bad for making fun of the Fredric Brown title THE CASE OF THE DANCING SANDWICHES. I researched Mr. Brown on the "internet" and he seemed so interesting that I ordered one of his books (THE FABULOUS CLIPJOINT, which I describe somewhat inaccurately in the interview) from Square Books. It came in (they're speedy over there at Square Books), I'm reading it, and it's just great. Once again (see the affair of Jack Arnold) like a fool I mock what I don't understand. That's one thing a "blog" is good for - snap judgments! What a bad, lazy man I am. 2) I have a piece in the new BELIEVER magazine. As usual, you can't read the whole thing on the "internet." That's how they trick you! You have to buy the magazine. It's a good magazine and you will be glad you did. I notice there's an interview with John Ashbery in the same issue! 3) "Blog" Buddy John T. Edge has been given a monthly column in the New York Times. I believe I am "scooping" the New York Times again with this information. I do that a lot. Thank you for suffering through our literary matters.