Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Win, McNeil

McNeil has expressed displeasure - several times now! - that I did not remark upon the sad passing of Blossom Dearie. Today's complaint notes that I have no trouble talking about such trivial things as keys and phone bills yet not a word in honor of said songstress. I try to go easy with the obituaries because the "blog" is a cheerful place. But I have nothing against Blossom Dearie - in fact, I like her a lot. So here. This (below) is how many people of my age (and McNeil's) first heard her unique piano playing and singing voice. It is appropriately mystical under the circumstances. The ending will blow your mind, like the ending of THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN. In the old days, it was okay to blow a kid's mind this way and we all turned out swell.