Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jason Polan's Chimpanzee

The article I have in the new BELIEVER magazine is called "The Fifty Greatest Things That Just Popped Into My Head." Readers of the "blog" may be disappointed and upset, given the clearly stated interests in the "blog's" subhead, that there is no Jerry Lewis on the list. There is no oatmeal. There is no UFO. There is, however, a monkey, which should come as a relief. SPOILER ALERT! Chimpanzee comes in at #28 of the things popping into my head. I realize - AND DO NOT CARE - that a "chimpanzee" is not a "monkey." Number four on the list is "unicorn." WHY? I am sick and need help. The illustrations accompanying the piece are just wonderful. They were done by a young man named Jason Polan. Here is the chimpanzee he drew. "Click" here for his "web" site or here for his "blog."