Monday, February 02, 2009

Of Basilisks and Bissell

Two notes or amendments. 1) A basilisk usually lays waste to the landscape when it opens its mouth. But as you can see in the previous "post," this one is issuing forth a rainbow. Maybe it's a nice basilisk with a genetic anomaly. Maybe it's the Li'l Basilisk That Didn't Fit In. 2) I just noticed that "Blog" Buddy Tom Bissell is also featured in the new issue of THE BELIEVER. (Pictured, a mean basilisk, the regular kind.) On second thought, there's nothing especially serpentine about the previous basilisk, so maybe it's not a basilisk. Did you know a basilisk is sometimes called a cockatrice? That sounds too jaunty to me, like a friendly, capering little fellow or a 18th-century hat and/or dance, or a dish made with chicken and wine.