Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Slop on Aquaman

I like things that exist. I am always like, "I am glad you exist, thing!" The cittern FAQ is a great example. Here is another one: this guy's place where he reviews superhero action figures. I found out about it through our "fave" Aquaman "blog," natch! Says the reviewer, "I can’t find any slop on Aquaman. Everything from his face to his feet is painted very well. The skin is a nice tan, with a great matte finish, and the hair is sandy blonde with a very nice wash... the black shorts are a flat matte, so the contrast between the gold shirt, black shorts, and green pants comes off very well... the only reason he is not a 10 is because I would prefer an orange shirt and darker green pants and gloves." Also (because Aquaman's arch-nemesis comes in the same box): "Getting two enemies in one pack allows battles to occur immediately upon opening them. I really didn’t think Black Manta would interest me too much, but because of his rubbery coating I just don’t want to put him down."