Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Hate Money

You can see this for yourself but I am going to describe it anyway. Hippies are throwing rotten eggs at Superman! One protester's sign says "Superman Is a Freak-Out!" (Exclamation point his.) Another sign says, "We hate money!" I got this cover from the same "web" site that treated me to Superman's obscure powers (and the picture of him watching TV and gorging himself). And wait! A more thorough examination reveals that it's not just ANY protester tossing a rotten egg at Superman! It's lovable Jimmy Olsen in a purple velvet jacket, frilly sleeves, and a filthy beard! Jimmy, what happened? You should check out this guy's entire "superheroes vs. hippies" "post." See hippies from the future throw rotten eggs at Green Lantern!