Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Terry Teachout!

Remember how Li'l Flannery O'Connor taught her chicken to walk backwards? It is one of the things that Megan Abbott talked about when I interviewed her! And now, thanks to the twitter account of Maud Newton, I have found video evidence. I notice that the source, Maud's friend Terry Teachout, also mentions THE STAR MACHINE by Jeanine Basinger, which was my Bible for a time. In the selection chosen by Mr. Teachout, Ms. Basinger remarks upon the similarities between Cary Grant and Porky Pig. I believe Mr. Teachout wrote the introduction to one or both of the Elaine Dundy novels I have "taught." He wrote a biography of Louis Armstrong too! I guess Terry Teachout is my new favorite person now that I think about it.