Friday, August 13, 2010

Unfair to Art

It is unfair of me to mock Art Cohn's hyperbolic rhapsodies to Joe E. Lewis ("'A man hates what he laughs at,' Spinoza said [! - ed.], but in making themselves ludicrous the clowns ridicule the world, and in their moment of brave, pathetic laughter, they momentarily forget their loneliness" [!! - ed.]) without mentioning that Art Cohn also wrote the screenplay for THE SET-UP, one of my favorite movies ever. So until I make something that perfect, I should probably lay off Art Cohn. (By coincidence, fellow book club member Kelly Hogan is the one who first told me I should watch THE SET-UP. And I recently loaned my copy to book club member Ace Atkins! And so the circle of life is complete.)