Friday, August 20, 2010

His Famous Gnarled Tree

You know Frank Kermode passed away. I am not an expert on him. I've read just one of his many books. But he was quoted in today's New York Times and I really like what he said. It goes with what Jasper Johns said about radiators, what John Ashbery said about impracticality, what that Maine antiques dealer said, you remember him, something said by Kierkegaard, and of course Chuang Tzu and his famous gnarled tree I love so much. Here is one thing Frank Kermode said in praise of Shakespeare: "To be able to devote one’s life to art without forgetting that art is frivolous is a tremendous achievement of personal character." So put that in the stack. There was also a great obituary about a heroic bagpiper. I notice that by some mysterious decree from on high two of the "links" in this "post" (soon, three!) are illustrated with pictures of Shirley MacLaine. This can only mean that fate is asking me to find another picture of Shirley MacLaine for you.