Thursday, August 26, 2010

Exclusive Photo

The photos are still coming in from the social event of the season. I don't suppose that Tom Franklin, who took the photo, would mind me telling you that the only reason the photos are still coming in at this late date is that he is an old man like me (in fact we are almost exactly the same age - a mere day apart! - and that's a super fun "blog" fact you can "clip and save" and trade with your friends!), and it honestly took him two weeks to figure out how to send a photo from his phone. It really did! But it was worth the wait: witness Dr. Theresa, then newly titled, at the peak of her celebratory capacity, having donned a scarlet A made for her by Tom's daughter (who asked what it stood for and, being a youngster, was told "awesome" - as well it might!) in honor of Hester Prynne, one of Dr. Theresa's doctoral subjects, who has been looming over her brain for lo these many years, now joyously concluded.