Tuesday, October 02, 2007

McNeil's Movie Korner: The Marshall Plan

With all the hubbub over McNeil's curatorship of McNeil's Gold Medal International Emergency Exit Theatre, it is all too easy to forget his pioneering efforts in McNeil's Movie Korner. We correct that inequity today, with a brand new installment of the cherished feature, beginning with a confession/explanation. We are sure you have noticed that we never mention TCM anymore, that greatest of all cable channels and giver of sustenance and light, and formerly one of the primary objects of "blog"cern. The truth is, WE DO NOT RECEIVE TCM ON THE "CABLE" SYSTEM in our new digs! We are not complaining. Everything here is generously provided for us free of charge - more amenities than we could have ever dreamed - and it is quite nicest experience we have ever had. But going "cold turkey" on TCM was an adjustment! Thanks to McNeil, however, I hear a good deal about the programming nearly every day. McNeil is descriptive! (You recall my earlier plan for an oral history of McNeil's "internet" use; the "living 'blog'" idea, I believe, was also inspired by McNeil.) Yesterday's TCM update, delivered by McNeil via telephone, went like this: "Do you know who George Marshall is?" I replied that he was a director. "Yeah," said McNeil. "He directed HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER and ADVANCE TO THE REAR! I think Jerry hired him to direct HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER because George Marshall was seventy-something at the time and Jerry could push him around." (McNeil said this with admiration.) "Who was in ADVANCE TO THE REAR again?" I asked McNeil. "Stella Stevens, baby! I think George Marshall should be our new hero." I said okay. "Let's make him our hero," McNeil reiterated. I confirmed my commitment. "Let's put together the George Marshall Box Set," said McNeil. I said I'd get right on it. "Look him up on the 'internet' and 'link' to something," McNeil said. I said okay.