Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Corrections

We should have mentioned that one of the "links" in the previous "post" came to McNeil by way of good old Secondhand George. Speaking of McNeil and things that need to be clarified, we took his advice and checked out the Arctic Circle section of LOLITA in Square Books the other day. But here's the thing. The Arctic Circle appears in Chapter 9, not Chapter 8. It should also be noted that there are a couple of "parts" to the Nabokov book, so that more than one Chapter 8 appears. Likewise with Chapter 9. The Arctic Circle appears in Part One, Chapter 9. I have corrected things on the "blog" before (see this or this or this or that) but in general, I try to remind myself that this is a "blog" and no sane person expects it to contain anything valuable or true. For example, for several days I have been sitting on the fact that the Terminator's new television program actually airs on Monday nights.