Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Particulars

I found a nice epigraph for my new book last night. It's from John Berryman. I can say no more! I am probably jinxing the thing by talking about so many particulars. As I have pointed out before, the detective novel - unlike the giant novel, which comes out this summer - may never be finished, may never exist, so the wisest thing would be to shut up. But if everybody just shut up and behaved like decent, modest, responsible human beings, there would be no "blogs"! And then where would we be? We would live in a world without "blogs"! Unthinkable! I can make room for some more writing advice here: Say you have set yourself a goal of writing five pages a day. If you find a good epigraph, that takes care of one whole page! The epigraph sits on a page by itself. That counts! And you didn't even have to write it.