Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today's Weather: Portentous

Just finished the Big Five and in the very nick of time! From all accounts there is a terrible storm a-brewin'. Hatches must be battened into the "down" position. An electrical strike of "lightning" may erase the "blog" forever! I must be brief. Speaking of weather, it sure has been windy around here for the past several days. And something occurred to me as a result: Do you know what I don't understand AT ALL? Wind. Thank you. This has been "Today's Weather," a popular regular feature. And I'll toss in some "writing" advice: Need to write five pages in a hurry? Try dialogue! Dialogue - the poor man's version of "writing." Like, what if you make one of your characters say, "Yes"? You've taken up a whole line! Economical! Better yet, "No," which has less letters to bother with. And as Melville made very clear with Bartleby the Scrivener, it's always more interesting if your character says "No." You'll save time on typing AND produce quality work for the ages. Win-win!