Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Picture

People keep sending us pictures. Here's one I received from Eli Horowitz, the McSweeney's editor, who I believe is located out San Francisco way. The weird thing is that this was taken a few days ago right here in Oxford and I'm a little fuzzy (Eli claims to be too) on how it slipped by me and made it out to California before bouncing back to its town of origin. But it's me and Joey Lauren Adams sitting over at Square Books, reading one of my stories for an upcoming McSweeney's audio book. It's a slightly earlier, slightly different version of the first story in YOUR BODY IS CHANGING. Joey reads the part of "Farrah." If you've read the book (I'm talking to BOTH of you!) you may recall that Farrah only has a couple of lines near the beginning. It's really a waste of Joey's talent and voice and I ponder the people becoming more and more disconsolate as I drone on and on and on (it's a long story!) and they slowly begin to realize that Joey is never coming back. Sad!