Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner

It is almost time for LOST to come back on the air, as a recent email from Dr. "M." reminds us. And you know what the return of LOST means: the welcome return of Dr. "M.'s" celebrated but too-long-dormant TV Korner, where you learn to watch TV the Dr. "M." way! " offers an interactive narrative adventure which you can get to by clicking find 815 on the Lost website/menu," writes Dr. "M." She goes on: "You will then have the option to go to Look for the link! Once there, you may choose to involve yourself in this interactive adventure...which has become quite addictive for yours truly: Dr. M. Enjoy, blog readers!" EDITOR'S NOTE: We have not yet checked out this "interactive narrative adventure" but we trust Dr. "M." She is always right! For example, the time she said Harold Pinter was alive and I vehemently insisted he was dead.