Thursday, January 24, 2008

Presenting McNeil's "Way... Way Out"

Welcome to a brand new regular feature. It has become apparent that McNeil is never going to crank up the old MGMIEET, so we are grateful for his recent impulse to become our "official outer space correspondent," as he puts it, in a feature he has named after the Jerry Lewis film of the same title. (He might have just as easily named it after the Lewis film VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET, but we agree with McNeil's more playful and insouciant choice.) Here is today's communique from McNeil: "Yesterday, the United States Air Force, protector of liberty and freedom the world over, stated that on the night of the Stephenville, TX, UFO sighting they had, indeed, despite almost daily claims by the Air Force to the contrary, sent 10 fighter jets on a training mission to the Stephenville area. The base commander said they forgot all about it until today. Uh-huh. Be afraid, people." This newly paranoid McNeil also sends several "links," such as this one and that one and this one: