Monday, January 07, 2008

Dry Effervescence

I have written my five pages and adhered to my plan for two days in a row. That is the longest amount of time over which I have ever adhered to anything, especially a plan. I offer myself my heartiest congratulations and will present myself with a medal later tonight in a quiet ceremony. Now for "blogging." You all recall the high esteem in which I hold Maud Newton. Well, that esteem just got even esteemier when I saw this photo of her with "Proposition Joe" from THE WIRE! For Ms. Newton's "post" about THE WIRE, "click" here. She points out that THE WIRE is "not a novel." That's right, Maud Newton. It's better! (Those interested in similar unsupportable [?] beliefs of mine, expressed amid a barrage of my trademark rage-fueled meaningless aphorisms, may "click" here). "Blog" Buddy Laura Lippman had a cameo on THE WIRE last night! She tossed off a masterfully constructed one-liner with dry effervescence! PS Anyone following the press coverage of THE WIRE will understand what Ms. Newton means about the "not a novel" comment. Even here at the "blog" we have succumbed to the Joycean angle. It is an easy temptation! The lure of lax analogy (and, by extension, all the various strains of laziness that go with it) is, I believe, what Ms. Newton is warning against - none of which should obscure the fact that THE WIRE is the most awesome thing ever created by human people!