Monday, January 28, 2008

I Do Things

Where have I been today? You tell me! There's a lot going on. I may not be able to "blog" tomorrow! Don't faint! The day after that, Wednesday, Tom Franklin and I are participating in the "Brown Bag" series on campus. What does that mean, technically? It means you bring your lunch and come stare at us as we try and fail to make sense. No, I'm sure we'll do fine. And even if we crash, we promise to do so entertainingly. Then, next week, it's our local film festival. I'm happy to tell you that "The Pipe" will be showing. Even happier news, Kent Osborne (who plays the paramedic in "The Pipe") and director Dan Brown are visiting Oxford for the screening. We'll answer questions for all of you who are still awake afterward. See? I do things.