Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I guess it was just a regular boar that "slew Diarmuid," not a magical "evil pig" as I led you to believe yesterday. Yeats sure made it seem like a magic pig. Or do I just think that because it was next to a story about a "faery pig" that chased some guys down the road and disappeared? A real man would go back and look it up. But I am glad to have brought up the subject of boars. I notice that a long time ago I tempted you with a fascinating story about a man killing a boar with a volume of Aristotle. But the "link" no longer works! And you have probably been very upset about that, loving boars and Aristotle as you do. So I will find a new "link" to the story. And please don't forget the phosphorescent boars of the Harz mountains. They haven't forgotten you.