Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1,000 Pictures Are Worth a Word

Ha ha! Did you see how I took an old saying and turned it around there? What I am telling you is that my computer - which I trust with my life - informs me that the li'l cosmonaut handing out presents to a bear cub and a bunny rabbit is the 1,000th picture I have put on this "blog" - a subject about which I have decided to say "a word." Therein lies my delicious "pun." I don't think there is a reason to add any more pictures. It seems wasteful. From now on, I will use only pictures I have used before. Until I decide not to. The trouble is that I do not know how to catalog or label these pictures for easy access on my computer, so it will be hard to find a picture that properly matches the entry in question. Well, so be it! Randomly chosen pictures may add a fresh air of youthful experimentation to my otherwise fusty ruminations. For instance, now I will find a random old picture with which to illustrate this "post." I'm already tired of this idea.