Friday, August 14, 2009

Literary Matters

Time once again for "Literary Matters." As you know from cruel experience, literary matters are usually a painful chore. But today there are no more than two literary matters, so we can bear it. Plus, they both come via Phil, and therefore are more awesome than the usual literary matters, which is not saying much, but still. 1) Phil sends us what he calls "the greatest book cover ever" and he is correct. But I think it's a periodical. That's it, above. 2) Phil notes the prevalence of "funny American women" in my course materials and says I should have included Dawn Powell. He is right. I love Dawn Powell. Well, I have read only TURN, MAGIC WHEEL, but it was a very good novel and I loved it. But I have turned in my book order and this time it is too late for Dawn Powell. Phil notes that Rory from GILMORE GIRLS loved Dawn Powell, and provides a corroborative "link."