Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hector Santiago and the Ceviche of Fear

I'll admit I was scared when our friend Hector said he was going to make "tofu ceviche." I believe I said, "Noooooooo!" To a long-time TOP CHEF viewer like myself, it sounded like a rookie mistake. And they edited it the way they usually edit the mistakes, including a clip of Hector saying something like, "It's hard to make tofu taste good" (I'm paraphrasing). Almost always, that means that later in the show there's a disaster, and the home viewer has been primed to shout at the TV: "Why did he cook something that he himself said never tastes good?" But guess what? Hector's tofu ceviche was a triumph, one of the judges' favorite dishes of the evening. So Hector moves on to another round - with honors. Go, Hector! (Note: If you wonder why the picture doesn't match the text, see any one of my recent "posts" for details.)