Monday, August 24, 2009

Revenge of Tree Dog

McNeil is enraged that NPR did not talk about Sammy Petrillo today. Facebook friend Scott P. (not Petrillo!) points out that Gary Lewis was quoted in the Times obituary. Rhea provides a picture of Yggy, the tree dog who thinks he's a man. Sarah Marine lives in Oklahoma now, where many versions of the boll weevil song say the boll weevil ended up. "Click" here for her Oklahoma "blog." Phil says somebody is showing SHIP OF MONSTERS in a film festival. The "blog" was there first! And as far as mascots go, "Blog" Buddy Pamela would like us to consider the Geoduck of Evergreen State, where the fight song goes in part, "Siphon high, squirt it out, swivel all about, let it all hang out." None of these things are connected.