Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sad Little Book That No One Would Print

Mark Childress told me that the Publishers Weekly review of my new book is up, and that it's nice. The funny part is that no one seems to be in a rush to get the book printed. So there's a review and a cover, but no book. Ha ha! Ironical! Mark is right: the review is nice, once you take into consideration how much Publishers Weekly hates me! They give a good, accurate summary of the book, then add, "This series of minor misadventures worthy of an Abbott and Costello movie is sure to please the author’s fans." Now that might be a kiss or it might be a slap. Maybe it's both! That's kind of exciting! But if I were one of my fans, I could grow indignant. Like they're saying, "Those jerks will eat it up." On the other hand, maybe Publishers Weekly holds Abbott and Costello in high regard. In any case, it's pretty nice considering the abusive relationship I've had with them in the past, and their synopsis is attractive if you ask me. Also, it's adorable that they think I have fans! (This "post" adheres to the "blog's" new policy of recycling old pictures that have nothing to do with anything.)