Friday, August 14, 2009

Dargis Doesn't Disappoint

Manohla Dargis strikes again! In today's New York Times she advises a young director to spend "some alone time with a box of Jerry Lewis DVDs." We can always count on her for an appreciative mention of Jerry. Sometimes I think she's the only one over there who cares anymore. If I were to make a 1930s comedy short about Manohla Dargis, I would call it "Man Oh Manohla!" Hey, while I was looking for a picture of Jerry to put with this "post" I found a strange photo (below) of the carpet from THE PATSY, yes, the very carpet McNeil loves so much, his favorite carpet in all the films of Jerry Lewis. Plus some nice pillows! This one's for you, McNeil. It can be your Christmas card for next year! Now start trying to figure out if those are the same pillows from THE BIG MOUTH.