Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Am Sorry I Ever Mentioned Lady Gaga

I am sorry I ever mentioned Lady Gaga. Now Phil has sent me a "link" proving that she is the subject of CIA mind control and a participant in black magic and part of a Masonic plot to take over the world, I think. How could I not tell you? But I just can't make myself "link" to the site because some of the guy's topics (not the ones enumerated above) and conspiracy theories make me too sad and uncomfortable (though - no, because - they are presented in a flip manner) and as you know we don't go for those sad and uncomfortable feelings around here. We bottle them up deep inside, where they belong! But if you are curious, I am sure you could "google" some key phrases (along with the word "vigilant," that would probably help) and learn the truth about Lady Gaga. I'd like to give the guy proper credit but I'm too bummed out. Thanks for driving me crazy, Phil!