Saturday, June 19, 2010


Welcome to a special all-beverage edition of "Foodstuffs!" - the "blog's" great new column about foodstuffs! And beverages! I was just at the wine store and they were selling chocolate wine! What can I say? It made me feel bad inside to look at it. The slogan on the label proclaimed it to have "the great taste of Dutch chocolate and fine cabernet wine." Oh, I feel so bad just typing this. The stuff on the inside of the bottle looked like Yoo-Hoo. That's not a euphemism! Although it is also a euphemism. But the chocolate wine appeared to resemble in color and consistency a Yoo-Hoo brand chocolate drink. Now onto some more positive beverage news! The New York Times Sunday magazine is featuring our local dairy heroes the Brown Family Dairy (just bought some of their milk, cream, and butter this morning - and the milk was milked just yesterday!). Now, for my money, John T. Edge's article, to which the "blog" has "linked" in the past, is the final word on the Brown Family Dairy. But it's a nice article in the Times and I'm glad to see the story getting out there.