Friday, June 25, 2010

All-Star Entertainment Wrap-Up

Welcome once again to "All-Star Entertainment Wrap-Up," the only place on the "internet" for the latest and greatest in entertainment news! UNEARTHED! This rare footage (below) from the forgotten decade of the 1990s. Who is the cheery young fellow with the puppets? None other than "Blog" Buddy Kent Osborne, back when he used to host movies on the TBS cable channel. Because back then, movies needed a host! It was before they figured out how to make movies right. Mr. Ward and I were Kent's "producers." We hung out near the snacks a lot. And once some of us locked ourselves in a room because we were afraid of a character actor. The puppets talk and move and exist courtesy of Mike Mitchell, who drew the cover for my novel AWESOME. Do you like puppets and hosting and things that happened before you were born? Then this is the clip for you!