Thursday, June 17, 2010

World's Finest Hot Dogs

While I was searching the "internet" for a picture of Lex Luthor to go with that last "post," which is how I choose to spend the few precious moments the Lord has given me, I came across this gallery of covers from WORLD'S FINEST, which was (is?) a comic book in which Batman and Superman teamed up every month. These covers were almost as weird as the Jimmy Olsen covers I showed you a while back - ALMOST! The one I have chosen to represent here is not even the weirdest, maybe, though Superman is roasting hot dogs with his eyes (a shockingly common theme) and Batman is taking a nap on the ground in full costume. Speaking of Lex Luthor, even as a little kid I never bought the story (see previous "post") that he was Superman's mortal enemy because back when they were schoolmates Superman blew all his hair off. See also.