Monday, June 07, 2010


I was trying to track down an old comic book story about Gyro Gearloose, panels of which keep popping into my head for no apparent reason - yes, this is what I do with my time! So what? - and that's how I found this ambitious "web" site ("click" here) about the great Carl Barks. I didn't find the Gyro Gearloose story that continues to haunt my very dreams, but I was reminded of something that had slipped my mind completely. Gyro Gearloose had a little helper named Little Helper, and Little Helper was a tiny light bulb with a metal body. Thank goodness that went back into my brain and nestled there and made a home forever. I hope it pushed out something less useful, like my pin number. "Why is this bird saying 'Piv'?" is a question you might ask yourself. Well, I think it's because the site is Danish. Maybe "piv" means something in Denmark. I don't know. Leave me alone.