Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Laura Lippman has been watching the blankety-blank out of AUTHOR! AUTHOR! Now she has nine things to say about it. Here is the "blog's" exclusive report. There are SPOILERS galore, so if you want to spend part of your life watching AUTHOR! AUTHOR!, you may want to avert your eyes. You also may want to avert your eyes while watching AUTHOR! AUTHOR! Or maybe you will love it! It is none of my business. And now we turn things over to Laura Lippman and her nine observations: "1) Elaine's! I had forgotten about Elaine's, where I actually was taken to dinner at age 20 and saw Philip Roth. 2) I guess a man could grab a woman and try to throw her in a cab in the '70s and the movie could still be a comedy. 3) How does a man come to have legal custody of his ex-wife's four children by three other men? It strikes me as unlikely. 4) Wait, the kid's name is Igor? 5) Cursing kids -- oh, how I've missed you in all your Bad News Bears inspired glory. 6) I just realized this must be an 80s film. But it feels like a 70s film. The bad kind of 70s film. Pacino is smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke into face of oldest son (Igor? Could I possibly be right about that?) 7) The Greenwich Village townhouse that the Pacino character calls home must be worth at least $12 million in today's market. 8) Freeze frame as everyone literally jumps for joy. Now that's how you end a movie. 9) After checking imdb, I can report that the oldest son was named Igor, that Bob and Ray's appearances are apparently unbilled, but Andre Gregory's is not. There is also a character named Grunella." This completes the "blog's" multi-part investigatory examination of AUTHOR! AUTHOR! If you are not familiar with the great Bob and Ray, please do not let their appearance in AUTHOR! AUTHOR! dissuade you from enjoying their genius. Goodbye forever.