Monday, March 09, 2009

Brazil With An S

Welcome to another in our series of Tom Franklin's reports from his new life in Brasil (as it is spelled in Brasil, as we know from an earlier note from Tom Franklin). You will forgive me if I focus on the aspects of Tom's life that seem exotic to those of us who are not in Brasil, like monkeys coming down from trees, which is what happened recently, says Tom: "Saturday we saw monkeys - we were at the kids' school for a book fair and a troop (or whatever the group designation is) came down from the trees and cocked their little faces at us like puppies. Very cute but with a look in the eye that said, 'I'll bite you if you **** with me.'" Hey, listen Tom, Theresa used to live in Algeria, where a monkey knocked all the wind out of her little sister with one sharp, expertly placed poke to the chest. So your instincts about not messing around with the monkeys appear to be correct, we feel safe in saying. Next time send pictures! PS. I forgot to mention that the other night I was at City Grocery and they called me to the phone and it was Tom! In Brasil! That was exciting! That only happens in movies. You are in a bar and you're called to the phone. And it's somebody in Brasil or somewhere. Below: This has nothing to do with Brasil, but it is Charlie Chaplin engaging in some hilarious high jinks with monkeys.