Monday, March 23, 2009

Tales of Oxford

Greetings from Oxford. Here is what is going on around Oxford. Two "Blog" Buddies from Oxford have just been nominated for James Beard Awards. These awards are a big deal! Congratulations to "Blog" Buddies John Currence and John T. Edge. On to groundhog news. It turns out that a groundhog in your neighbor's backyard is no big deal in Oxford and Theresa and I were wrong to get excited and have fun watching the groundhog. Theresa's teaching assistant has a groundhog in his backyard. One of my writing students has a groundhog in her backyard, and her dog gets into little dust-ups with it. This is just like when the wild turkeys were nothing special and the deer were nothing special and nothing was special. But we still cling to the idea that our groundhog is special and an especially lovable and gigantic one. And yes, it made an appearance today in case you were concerned. Goodbye from Oxford! (Pictured, Currence's tattoo. One in our series of people's arms.)